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Homeby ManufacturerBrivo Access
Homeby ManufacturerBrivo Access

Brivo - A Cloud-Based Access Control
and Video Surveillance Software

Tens of thousands of customers rely on Brivo to secure their facilities using our cloud-based security platform, Brivo OnAir®. With just an Internet connection, both small and large businesses can manage their security operation with Brivo OnAir®. From access control and video surveillance to credentialing, Brivo offers future-proof functionality with automatic updates at a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions.

Brivo Authorized Partner

We are a Certified Authorized Dealer

Brivo Devices

A Unified Security Solution

• Remotely control and manage sites from a smartphone
• Stay informed of critical events through real time notifications
• Monitor live video streams
• Review up to a year of video clips linked to important events
• Create customized security reports to ensure IT compliance
• Eliminate the need for maintenance of local servers and software
• Reduce business risk with secure and redundant data centers

As Mobile As You Are

Manage all building security using smartphone with the Brivo OnAir application for Android and iOS. Additionally, eliminate the inconvenience and expense of issuing access cards or fobs with the highly rated Brivo Mobile Pass application, which lets users open doors with their smartphone.

See how it works for you. Try it now!

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before the visit

We protect your people and property

around the clock from anywhere and from any device

before the visit


Easy security for your facility, data and employees

• Protecting your employees without a lock down is important for their personal security

• Securing your facility will prevent unauthorized trespassers and potential loss of value assets

• Safeguarding customer data can help you defend against costly breaches

during the visit


Peace of mind that your facilities are secure and your customers happy

• Securing your buildings from anywhere gives you back time to run your business

• Reducing the complexity of a physical access control system can help you save money and time

• Protecting your facility will keep your employees and your customers happy

after the visit


Access control, video surveillance and threat intelligence

• Securing your buildings and managing access from anywhere simplifies administration

• Reducing the complexity of a physical access control system can help you cut costs and manage your budget

• Protecting your facility using innovative technologies and best practices demonstrates your company’s leadership


Brivo means security for thousands of businesses and organizations of all sizes around the world, in industries including:

Property Management

Create a web of security as versatile and varied as your properties. Improve marketability and tenant retention while reducing operating costs.
Brivo Property Management

Brivo Commercial Offices

Commercial Offices

Simplify physical security for your commercial buildings. Seamlessly manage multiple, geographically dispersed offices and facilities under a single, flexible system.

Health & Wellness

Protect patients, staff, data, everything – in a single office or an entire campus. Meet quality assurance and regulatory requirements with documented audit trails.
Brivo Health & Wellness

Brivo Manufacturing


Make security simpler for complex, geographically dispersed facilities. Protect employees and high value equipment with our cloud-based platform.


Ensure the safety of your students and the peace of mind of their parents. Protect a building or an entire campus and prepare for any emergency.
Brivo Education

Brivo Retail


Protect your valuable inventory, safeguard against theft and simplify after-hours deliveries. Ensure your employees are safe at all times without the expenses of a 24/7 staff.


Protect employees and assets at multiple locations and easily manage contractor access with a cloud-based access control and video platform.
Brivo Technology

Brivo ONAIR®
Access Control Systems

Enabling easy-to-manage building access control to unite your facilities, secure your assets, and protect your people.

Brivo Onair is a modern unified security platform that combines physical access control and video monitoring.

The Brivo Onair solution is built for today’s connected business people.
From unlocking doors, to recording surveillance video, to giving access permissions to new employees and contractors,
Brivo offers a secure physical access control solution through the cloud.

• Unlocking the front office door with your smartphone
• Viewing video recordings of your front lobby
• Creating customized security reports to share with your boss
Brivo Technology

Go Mobile with Brivo ONAIR®

Brivo Onair for iOS and Android seamlessly extends our access control and video surveillance platform to a smartphone, integrating door control, credential management and live and recorded video to an intuitive and easy to use application. Administrators can manage building security on the go, providing convenience and peace of mind. The mobile application delivers the most relevant information quickly and concisely, while providing users with the tools they need to respond. Just download the app and sign in with your Brivo Onair credentials.


• View live video
• Review events with recorded video
• Monitor activity logs of multiple sites
• Unlock doors remotely
• Suspend or reinstate user credentials

Brivo Technology

Brivo Mobile Pass
Smartphone Building Access

Open doors with your smartphone

Today we access our chats, our credit cards, and our social networks with the convenience and security of our phones. Now you can access physical places too, including your office, gym, and garages. With Brivo Onair Pass you can open doors with your smartphone, eliminating the need for physical cards and readers. Our cloud-based mobile credential system allows you to distribute mobile credentials and unlock doors with ease.

Simpler, secure access in more situations:

before the visit


As you approach your parking area, open the garage door and get access to the elevator.

during the visit


Remotely unlock your delivery doors without having to be there.

after the visit


Give mobile credentials to new tenants to access their apartment and condo facilities.

before the visit